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All you need to know before liposculpture

Jun 13, 2017


One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries is liposculpture. However, many patients are unclear about what to expect and how this procedure is done.

Celebrities and the media have given liposculpture a wide dissemination, which has made it a very popular surgery. Almost everyone has heard about this procedure and more than one has imagined undergoing this surgery to achieve the body of their dreams.

There are many myths surrounding liposculpture that could shift the final decisio´s patients to undergo this surgery:

It is a weight loss technique

The first thing you should know is that liposculpture is not a weight loss procedure. Its main goal is to enhance the appearance of specific areas, such as: abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and face.

Everyone can be a candidate

The ideal candidate for this procedure is the one that has a healthy lifestyle, does physical activities, and eats healthy. She/he is not more than 22 pounds away from his/her ideal weight and is generally healthy.

This procedure helps patients get rid of a specific fat accumulation that diet and exercise have not been able to eliminate.

It is unclear how the procedure is done

Liposculpture is done with a “tumescent” technique, which aims to permanently eliminate fat deposits. It is called tumescent (which means “swell”) because the cosmetic surgeon injects an analgesic and astringent solution that disintegrates fat. Then he/she removes and eliminates excessive fat using a syringe or a suction pump.

The recovery is slow and painful

After a cosmetic surgery of this nature, bruises and swelling are normal, as in any other type of surgery. However, they disappear during the first three weeks after the surgery. Also, scars are almost imperceptible due to the size of the incisions (3 mm).

After the surgery, you will ware a compression girdle for at least two weeks or even for months, depending on the instructions of your surgeon. This girdle helps to shorten recovery period and skin adherence for a better final result.

It is very important to follow your surgeon instructions. Resume physical activity and a healthy lifestyle when he/she tells you to do so, to get permanent results.

You´ll get the final silhouette you have been waiting for, between three and six months after the surgery, once the swelling has gone down and the worked areas healed completely.

Liposculpture is an expensive procedure

The average cost of this procedure is around $5,000 USD.

However, the price could vary significantly among different cosmetic clinics. In Mexico, with highly specialized professionals, the costs are between 40% and 80% lower than in the USA.

The most important is to evaluate the surgeon´s experience on this type of procedures. Look for certifications and before and after photos of previous patients. Sit down and talk to his/her about your goals and expectations, it´s very important that you feel you are in good hands.

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