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Medical tourism. Why is cosmetic surgery so popular in Mexico?

Jun 15, 2017


More than two million people visited Baja California to undergo some kind of medical treatment during the last year.

The number continues to grow and Mexico is becoming increasingly popular for medical tourism.

Medical tourism, also known as health tourism, is a global phenomenon caused by patients that travel to another city or country to undergo some kind of medical treatment.

There are several reasons why, but the main one is the cost/benefit ratio, which motivates people to travel and find  treatments that meet the same quality standards than in their home country, but at a lower cost.

So, Mexico has placed itself in the map for many medical tourist visitors, being only the second after the USA as the country that receives more patients.

There are 20 medical clusters in Mexico. Stand out among them are Mexico City, Leon, and Cancun; however, the star destination by far is Tijuana.

Tijuana is one of the most visited destinations worldwide for cosmetic surgeries and dental procedures, especially for American patients that wish to undergo these medical treatments.

Cosmetic surgery in Mexico is a discipline that became popular years ago, and Tijuana has stood out for its medical equipment, infrastructure quality, and its alignment with international standards.

A certified cosmetic surgeon in Tijuana offers cosmetic treatments that could cost 40% to 80% less than in the USA, that is why the demand has increased.

Why is Tijuana a favorite destination?

The city of Tijuana has multiple logistic advantages from the patient´s perspective, favoring a care culture all around the city.

Baja California has a State Medical Tourism Council that coordinates the efforts of private industries and the local government to work together in making the state more attractive through promoting certifications and creating public policies, consolidating its place internationally.

Also, it is very easy for patients to get to the city, by Tijuana’s International Airport (the fifth airport with most passenger volume in Mexico) or by land from the USA, with an exclusive lane for this type of tourists that cross the border from San Diego, California.

All of these reasons make it easy to understand why Tijuana is one of the preferred destinations for thousands of patients that want to undergo some treatment.

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