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When is the Ideal Moment for a Cosmetic Surgery?

May 24, 2017


If you are wondering what season of the year is the best to undergo a cosmetic surgery, the answer is: It depends.

Why is the answer so broad? Because it really depends a lot on your lifestyle, your profession, family commitments, and even the weather of your city.

Just as there are people who prefer to undergo a cosmetic surgery during winter, because this season allows to rest more and cover the scars with multiple layers of clothes, some others need to take advantage of the summer vacation period.

In general, these are the benefits or disadvantages of undergoing a cosmetic surgery for each season of the year:


It is considered a renewal season. Trees change their foliage and you can also change and “renew your beauty”. December and New Year’s holidays are close, so this can be a big motivation to show your new you to your family and friends.

It is a good season if you have children, because they are back to school after a long vacation period and this will give you more time for your recovery.

Weather is favorable, days are cooler in the morning, so you can use long sleeves, jackets, coats, and turtlenecks that help you hide more easily the temporary marks of the surgery.

For this season, we suggest surgeries with a quick recovery to be ready for the Holiday season. Facelift, rhinoplasty, or dermoabrasion are good options.


It is the preferred    Patients tend to prefer this season for cosmetic surgeries for many reasons, as previously mentioned: cold weather invites you to stay at home, rest, and use many layers of clothes to cover swelling or temporary bruises.

For some procedures, cold weather means less discomfort and a quicker and more comfortable recovery, because you will bear wearing body dressings better, for example. Besides, cold days make it easier to avoid direct sunlight exposure and have an excuse to avoid the public eye for some days and speed up your recovery.

Choose procedures such as liposuction, breast and face surgeries.


This is the season when nature is reborn and rejuvenated, and surely you will feel motivated to also prepare your body for the next sun and beach season.

The weather is cool still and the food of this season tends to be lighter, which facilitates undergoing a weight loss program before the surgery and continue it afterwards.

You can take advantage and undergo a mommy makeover, face or body liposuction procedures.


During this season, the demand for cosmetic surgery goes down; however, for a big number of people, it is the only season when they can organize free time to undergo an aesthetic procedure.

The benefit is that it will be easier to find a space in your surgeon’s agenda, but its greatest disadvantage is the hot weather, because it is uncomfortable to wear dressings and girdles days after the surgery.

Another inconvenience is that heat could increase swelling and the intense sunlight exposure of summer could affect the skin tone of the scar areas (if they are continuously exposed to the sun).

During summer, it is more convenient to undergo less invasive procedures, such as: Botox, facial fillings, and facials.

To decide when is the best moment to undergo a cosmetic surgery, talk to your doctor, express your time needs, and what is needed before and after the surgery.

These medical factors plus your yearly activities calendar will guide you to determine the date to undergo the change in your body that you wish.

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